Compton Wellbeing Study
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Welcome to the Compton Well-being Study!

Welcome to the homepage for the Compton Well-being Study! We are excited to partner with the Compton Community Development Corporation (CCDC) to learn more about the lives of Compton residents. Led by Dr. Johannes Haushofer (Stockholm University) and Dr. Jonathan Morduch (New York University), the well-being study will help show how to best target resources to improve the lives of Compton residents.

Why is this study needed? By listening and learning about residents' opportunities and challenges, the CCDC can make better decisions to inform policy decisions and help Compton residents.

The Compton Well-being Study involves interviews with residents together with surveys. To learn more about the study, please click the “About the Study” tab.

If you have any questions, contact the helpdesk at 1-213-821-2867 (9am - 5pm PT) or by email: